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We are ordinary people who have found the answer to life's difficulties in Jesus Christ. The mission of Bethlehem Baptist Church is to glorify God by: Proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Ministering to all people. Strengthening the faith, love and unity of Christian believers through biblical knowledge, spiritual growth and service. Among the core values of our church are the following: Trusting in salvation through God's Son and in the authority of God's Word. Loving God with all our hearts and loving people as ourselves. Praying in the power and leading of God's Spirit. Shepherding individuals and families toward maturity in Jesus Christ. Sharing the life-changing truth of the Gospel. Our vision is to be known in our area as a caring Christian community that seeks to transform lives through a clear witness for Christ, quality ministries, and the lifestyle of each believer. In pursuit of this vision, we're seeking to live up to the Hebrew meaning of our name, Bethlehem - "The house of bread" - where each person can be fed with the "bread of life." May we be found faithful in the days that lie ahead.

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