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Our Vision: To be an Oasis in a dry world! In fact, the town of Bethany in the Bible was an oasis of sorts. It was a ways outside of Jerusalem and date palm trees grew wild there. Weary travelers would stop to rest and refresh themselves in the shade of these trees and satisfy their hunger and restore their energy with the natural fruit that grew on them. The town of Bethany sprung up at this “oasis.”So many people in our community are weary and in need of rest and restoration. God has provided a spiritual oasis for them here at Bethany. It’s a watering hole for the thirsty whom Jesus invites to “come and drink.” We are the keepers of this oasis. It is our mission to make sure the water of life is available for every parched soul. It is also our mission to turn our eyes outward and find the ones who cannot make it to the oasis on their own, We must “go out to the villages and country lanes and compel them to come in” so that His house is full.

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