Drive Thru Difference Raleigh-Fayetteville

You can help spread a little love with a simple act of kindness.

The Drive Thru Difference is simple, convenient, and gives you a way to make someone else feel good—and you’ll feel good too.

It’s simple: Go to a drive-thru for your morning coffee, out for a quick bite for lunch, or anywhere you go to make a purchase and just pay the bill of the person behind you and show a little kindness. You’ll impact someone’s day in ways much greater than just buying something for yourself.

Just print off a copy of the note to give to the cashier as you pay for the person behind you.

Click here to download and print out the Drive Thru Difference Letter >


The Drive Through Difference outreach program is made possible on HIS Radio by our Underwriting Business Partner, Matthews Motors of Clayton and Goldsboro

We would love to see how it goes for you. Upload your 1 minute or less video and share the link or the file with us in the form below.