Erica In The Afternoon

Operation Birthday Cake Surprise a success!

USO surprises officer with a birthday cake celebration on the USS Ronald Reagan in Japan!

Stranger who returned heirloom receives a BIG blessing!

She bought a mistakenly-donated quilt and gave it back. Now, Sandra is on the receiving end of LOVE!

14 year old recognizes mom was having a stroke!

She skipped a sleepover the night before. She paid attention in class. These things saved her mom's life!

Woman who serves Holocaust survivors receives an act of kindness!

Susan lives in Israel, ministering to Holocaust survivors. Recently, while speaking in America, she took a fall... and the Lord sent her an angel.

Pro hockey player gives up his choice seat for a hero!

He could've sat down and watched a movie in comfort and peace. But chivalry is alive and well!

How to hold a heartbeat in a tiny bottle...

Nurses are taking the time to create a most unique and precious gift for the grieving people they encounter. Nurses = heroes!

This sweet teen got ready for prom TWICE!

Prom is a big deal... getting ready for prom, an even bigger deal! This young lady got ready the day after her prom just to make her dad's wish come true!

Best chocolate chip cake ever!

In honor of National Chocolate Chip Day, here is the best cake I've ever made!

Boy operates Chick Fil A for the day!

This is the sweet story of a six year old boy able to eat only 7 foods who got blessed with 1 big, happy day!

Amazing couple adopts 7 children!

Josh and Jessaka Clark always knew they'd adopt, but they couldn't have guessed the plans God had in store for them!