Erica In The Afternoon

A Day of Hope gives Horry County kids a BIG boost into the new school year!

Sheila Karsevar started this day of impact so kids could go back to school blessed and healthy in Jesus Name!

Ex-con becomes Good Samaritan!

Aaron Tucker was released from jail a week ago, ready to begin a new life, when he was given the opportunity to save a life!

See the Total Solar Eclipse from the Middle of the Ocean!

Royal Caribbean is offering an EPIC way to experience the historic August event. But if you can't make it, we've got a GREAT SC alternative!

Doctor celebrated for 30 years of practicing good medicine in Gainesville!

Dr. Kent Miller

Paint a rock to spread kindness in the Carolinas, Georgia, and beyond!

Thousands of families are painting rocks with pretty pictures and messages and hiding them in an effort to spread kindness to strangers.

Ride-on toy cars put a fun spin on getting around for tots with challenges!

Oregon University created the "Go Baby" and the "Throw Baby Throw" toy cars to promote more fun, peer interaction for tots with disabilities!

President Trump hunts down a Marine's hat!

The Leader of the Free World did a good deed for a Marine that'll make you smile!

Donut Boy arrives in Asheville with donuts and gratitude!

Tyler Carach is the sweetest superhero ever - on a mission to bring sweets and "thank you's" to our police officers across America.

EMTS take over the lawn mowing for elderly Texas gal

These EMTS could have kept driving. But their hero hearts made them stop to do a good deed!

Dog crashes formal concert to simply crash and everyone loves it!

Clearly the dog has good taste - who doesn't want a good seat to see the Vienna Chamber Orchestra?!