Erica In The Afternoon

Shopper witnesses quiet act of love in line!

My mom posted this on my cousin Christina's wall cause she works at Target!

College student receives love mail from Home!

Cecilia Li couldn't wait to tell Twitter about the specially-sliced mangos her dad overnighted to her!

Irene Basham can't stop teaching!

She's almost 90 years old, but her heart is as young as her students!

Georgia man show Southern hospitality to Florida evacuees!

There was a big grill on the side of High 75 - the locals were serving up food and love to those fleeing Irma!

Actress Kristen Bell is being called a ray of sunshine in Irma!

The actress who voiced Anna in "Frozen" is being a blessing left and right in Orlando!

Why a 10 year old girl in Rincon gave away 167 pairs of shoes!

In light of the great need after Hurricane Harvey, her daddy wonders if maybe this was the plan all along.

When trapped by floodwaters, bakers gonna bake!

When the KNEAD arose, these guys didn't loaf around - they did what they do best!

Doctor takes a canoe and a walk through floodwaters to operate on teen!

It required a car, a canoe, and then the willingness to wade through waist-high deep floodwaters, but the doctor made it just in time!

Painted Rock Quilt Idea!

This is such a fun way to paint as a community!

Pencil Cookies!

Easy AND fun!