Erica In The Afternoon

99 year YOUNG Grandma Millie is headed to the BIG Game!

Keep the faith... because miracles big and small are always possible!

"Hope Heals" book!

It sat on my nightstand for two weeks. Once I opened the book, God opened a door of hope into my heart!

Erica's Ham Soup!

Well... the one I found and my family loved! :)

One good deed spurs another!

"Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another." -Proverbs 27:17

Prayer for healing in a broken relationship - there is hope!

Don't give up. God's not done!

Snow angels among us!

These amazing His Radio Family members are making a difference today!

Margaret's Snow Cream Recipe!

Guaranteed to make you feel 7 years old!

Chicken Tortilla Soup a la James!

A tried and true recipe from a member of the His Radio Family!

600 MENtors show up for "Breakfast with Dads!"

There wasn't a middle school boy without a father or a father figure at his side...

West Virginia man brings a truck load of sleeping bags to the Queen City!

Fred's heart melted when he saw the folks who are homeless in Charlotte... and knew he had to act!!!