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Join us for Refresh every Wednesday night in June! Refresh will be a powerful experience of the Holy Spirit’s presence. Children ages 6 months – 5th grade will also receive ministry with age-appropriate curriculum in their classes. Come and be rejuvenated at Refresh! June 26th: Night Four Menu: Salad bar & Pasta Bar ($5 Adults, $3 Children 4-12) Dinner begins at 6PM. Register at [Registration for the meal is not required, but it will help us have a head count for the night.] Topic: Miracles and Healing Speaker: Joan Fitzgerald For 30 years, Evangelist Joan Fitzgerald has ministered to thousands of people in the United States and abroad seeing lives transformed through the love of Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit. Miracles follow her ministry. She was diagnosed with an ovarian tumor discovered through a routine exam, but she was supernaturally healed by the Lord at Pastor Mike Kiley’s San Jose, California church when the Pastor had her 9 year-old son lay hands on her. This was her introduction to the Holy Spirit and the beginning of her passion for Him. Her television ministry has included California Tonight, TBN Nejat TV, CBN 700 Club and Celebration with Marcus & Joni Lamb on DayStar. She also has a powerful ministry to children and young adults. It is not unusual to see numbers of youngsters in her services receiving the baptism in the Holy Spirit, then going right into the audience and praying for others.

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