Heart & Soul Patrol Volunteer Team

Join the volunteer force called "Heart & Soul Patrol"

Almost every week in the Triangle, Fayetteville and across Eastern NC, HIS Radio has opportunities for you and your family or church group to connect within community and serve. Become a HIS Radio "Heart & Soul Patrol" volunteer team member today and we'll update you on upcoming concerts, events, and community outreach opportunities that you can participate in to help make a difference and touch lives.


HIS Radio presents "DARE TO BE", a  great concert and inspirational event for ladies featuring Natalie Grant and author Charlotte Gambill.   January 25th at Catch The Fire church in the Triangle.  We will need 20+ volunteers to serve in various capacities during the afternoon/evening!

You can log on or create a new User Account for Heart and Soul Patrol and RSVP to volunteer!   Once you've created your new User Account, simply navigate to the DARE TO BE event opportunity and let us know you can help1

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