Fun Patrol - Volunteers

Join the volunteer force called the Fun Patrol!

HIS Radio concerts and events are filled with FUN but behind the scenes at every event there is a team of volunteers that make the event possible. Our events would not be possible without our Fun Patrol. HIS Radio has opportunities for you and your family or church group to connect within community and serve. Become a HIS Radio Fun Patrol volunteer team member today and we'll update you on upcoming concerts, events, and community outreach opportunities that you can participate in to help make a difference and touch lives. 

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Ok, volunteering sounds fun but what does it ACTUALLY look like? Can I watch some of the concert? Do I have to be there all day? I won't have to lift anything heavy, right? We would LOVE to chat with you in detail about all of this so please don't let your questions stop you from reaching out! Call our office at 919-256-9787 or e-mail Cindy and we'll be happy to help! 


Concerts and events are in the works! We'll be sure to post here when the next need arises.