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Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Wedding Prep: Royal Name Generator

Even if you don't plan to wake up at the crack of dawn on a SATURDAY to watch the royal wedding, we can still have a little fun dreaming about what it would like to be a royal. So check out this Royal Name Generator and let us know if you're the Duchess of Gloucester or the Archduke of Bridgewater.

God You're So Good: Kristian, Brett & Melodie from Worship Band Passion

HIS Morning Crew hangs out with Kristian Stanfill, Brett Younker and Melodie Malone of Atlanta-based worship band Passion. Melodie once worked with Winshape Camps for Girls, created by Chickfila Founder Truett Cathy. We're sharing one of the camp's recipes for Wacky Cake! What makes it so wacky? Find out!

HIS Morning Crew Pulls Off HUGE Mother's Day Surprise for Single Mom

Three years ago Katie Driscoll was in a dark place-- she had overcome addiction, but then her husband left, taking everything and leaving her and her two children homeless. Katie has overcome so much and HIS Morning Crew is celebrating this single mom by blessing her with hundreds of dollars worth of gifts!

It's Spring Cleaning Week on HIS Morning Crew! Tips, Tricks & Giveaways!

We're on a mega cleaning kick! Get inspired to evict those dust bunnies, kick microwave crust to the curb and save money with some DIY tips from HIS Morning Crew! Cleaning has never been as fun as it is with Rob, Alison and Jim!

Senior Maya Logan Accepted to 10 Colleges, But We Still Shocked Her!

Spartanburg senior Maya Logan has been accepted to 10 universities and received more than $500K in scholarships! HIS Morning Crew surprised her with a shopping spree at Almost Pink and her reaction was priceless! You'll be so full of hope after listening to her dreams for the future! It moved Alison Storm to tears!

Alison Storm Discovers Copycat Starbucks Sous Vide Egg Bites Recipe!

Have you tried the Sous Vide Egg Bites at Starbucks? Certainly yummy, but certainly expensive! HIS Morning Crew's Alison Storm discovered a copycat recipe using her Instant Pot. They're healthier and way cheaper to make! She's giving Rob Dempsey a taste test!

Widow's Mite Donation Raises $22,000 for Ministry of HIS Radio

HIS Radio General Manager Allen Henderson shares the story of a widow named Martha that gave a small gift to the ministry during FriendRaiser, but God used her gift in an amazing way! This was truly a miracle moment during our spring fundraiser!

Saying Goodbye to Dale Silver, Beloved Member of the HIS Radio Family

We really are like a family. We celebrate together and grieve together. And right now we are mourning the loss of Dale Silver, a husband, father and police officer who bravely fought cancer. Dale went to be with Jesus last weekend. We're remembering the special moments we shared with this precious family.

Local Woman Helps Sick Step Dad Meet Golf Idol Tiger Woods at Masters

Columbia woman Jordan Miller spent five days tweeting every person she could think of to try to organize a meeting between her sick step dad and his golf idol, Tiger Woods. And she made it happen!! It couldn't have come at a better time since her step dad has stage four lung cancer.

A Two Year Old Boy Moved to Tears While Listening to Moonlight Sonata

Two year old Tyler Noftz of Tampa was attending his big sister's recital with his parents. During one of the performances, Tyler was moved to tears. Dad captured the moment on video and of course posted on social media. Many encouraged Tyler's parents to get him started in music lessons. Maybe a future Beethoven?