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Woman Returns Christmas Tree After Christmas Because it was "Dead"!

Costco gave a customer a full refund for her Christmas tree that she returned on January 4th. Her reason for the return was because "it's dead". Hear the story that was captured and shared on social media as others looked on in disbelief. Many call in to share their return stories this morning with HIS Morning Crew.

HIS Morning Crew Asks, What is Your One Word for the Year 2018?

HIS Morning Crew asks the question: What is your one word for the year 2018? Many people are picking one word that describes what they want more of in the New Year. Local artist, Brooke Krulic was in the HIS Radio studios imprinting that word on necklaces and giving them to several listeners sharing their stories.

Siblings Pool Together to Pay Off Their Hardworking Mom's Mortgage!

Single mom works two full time jobs to raise kids and make mortgage payments. Her three children are now grown and out of the house but haven't forgotten her sacrifice to make their lives better. What they did about it would make any parent, especially with a mortgage, proud. She can now kiss her second job goodbye!

Local 20 Year Old Launches Free Laundry Service Ministry for Homeless

Adahlia Nix was working in a thrift store when she met a homeless woman named Frankie who came in every week to buy a new outfit. Turns out that was cheaper than washing her clothes. Adahlia started washing Frankie's clothes, but got an idea for a bigger ministry that would help a community need.

How Do You Plan to Draw Closer to Christ in 2018? [Journal Giveaway!]

As 2017 draws to a close and we start to think about what we want to accomplish in 2018 we pray that one of your goals is to draw closer to Christ. There’s a wonderful ministry focused on just that. It’s called Well-Watered Women!

The Perfect Christmas Drink: Healthy Slow Cooker Hot Chocolate! [Recipe]

HIS Morning Crew is having a Christmas party complete with gifts, games and the perfect festive drink: Hot Chocolate! This recipe requires a slow cooker and the result is lovely!

Local Teen Overcomes Adversity. From Homeless to Honors College Grad!

Precious Sidbury was once homeless while attending South Mecklenburg High School. Determined to turn her life around, she attended Livingstone College through the Bridge program. She now is graduating with honors from Livingstone with a B.A. in English. HIS Morning Crew shares her story about overcoming adversity .

Hot, Hot Instant Pot! Molten Chocolate Mini Lava Cake in 6 Minutes!

Want to win an Instant Pot? This trendy kitchen gadget is getting a lot of attention! Last chance to enter to win one of 2 HIS Morning Crew is giving away!

Instant Pot Giveaway! Two Chances to Win This Hot Kitchen Gadget

All week long HIS Morning Crew has been making Instant Pot recipes live on air! Now they're making Sunday dinner on a Thursday morning! Mmm... pot roast!

Hot, Hot Instant Pot! Susan's Cozy Apple Oatmeal Recipe

Ready for the coziest, cold weather breakfast your heart could desire? HIS Morning Crew is trying out Susan's Apple Oatmeal Recipe in the Instant Pot!