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Allen Henderson

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Born in Kentucky and having lived in Tucson, Arizona as young child, I spent most of my growing up years in rural Sikeston, Missouri, between the soybean fields of the bootheel and St. Louis. I’ve been fascinated with radio as long as I can remember. As a young boy I used to listen to those big far away power house stations, like WABC in New York City and WLS in Chicago and dream about one day being a part of all that! I was raised by a great single Mom and since money was scarce as a kid I worked at a mini golf course to save enough to buy my own radio, which I still have. Right out of high school at 18, I went to work for KYMO in East Prairie, Mo. I married Nell a couple of years later and left for Springfield, Mo. to attend college. While in school I worked at a brand new Christian station there, KLFJ.

We moved to the Carolinas in 1983 to help start His Radio in the Upstate region of South Carolina, where I’ve had the privilege of being ever since, and have worked with some of the greatest people in the world. I also host Sunday morning’s His Radio Praise and program our 24 hour a day alternate format, the Praise Channel which is available via online streaming and our Smartphone App. I am passionate about God, family, friends, and the impact that radio can have on the lives of our listeners.

Nell and I have one daughter, Amber, and a son-in-law, Daniel. We have two really energetic, beautiful grandkids, Eva and Samuel, who keep us plenty busy!

To be honest I’m also a bit of a technology geek who loves discovering new technology devices and software and learning how to use them. I also enjoy reading and photography and you’ll usually find me in my spare time doing one of those. Oh, and watching Cardinal baseball, of which I’m a lifelong fan!