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Erica Parkerson

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About Erica Parkerson

Erica is a little Italian mama who filters everything in life through two


“NEVAH NEVAH NEVAH NEVAH give up!” (Winston Churchill) And,

“You can do ALL things through Christ Who strengthens you!”

Erica is married to Will, a redhead who is the smartest person she knows. They have two kids: Hannah, a red headed singer and artist, and Joshua, a football player and comic strip illustrator. She puts signs on their bedroom doors that say future NFL player and future singer.

One of the themes of the afternoon show is that dreams DO come true. Erica is all about encouraging you that it is never too late to pursue the passion God has placed in your heart.

Two dreams she has yet to realize: becoming an excellent cook and the author of a real book. Erica grew up in a family full of storytellers and meatball makers, and learned early on that stories and food connect us to each other.

One more thing: She’s kinda sorta famous for her chocolate chip poundcake. Erica found it on page 52 of a cookbook she got for five bucks. “It changed my life,” she says.