Harilyn Macosko

Harilyn Macosko

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Hi, I’m Harilyn. I’m a child-of-God, wife of Paul, and mom to two sweet boys (Riley and Beckett). I have a Chihuahua named Zoey, who is the most ridiculously stubborn princess who absolutely loves popcorn. And the newest member of our family (delivered Christmas day 2021) is a German Shepherd puppy named Chewbacca — who we affectionately call “Chewie.” And let me tell you, he has earned that name. 

In middle school, a few friends invited me to a youth group event. Because there were snacks at this event, I agreed to go. (I really do love snacks that much!) It was there that I found out that the God who created the universe loved me. I didn’t grow up in church. I had never sung a worship song or even heard the word of God before that. But, from that moment on, I accepted Jesus as my Lord, and my life was forever changed. 

Because I didn’t grow up in church, I didn’t necessarily know the stories of the Bible. However, in High School, I turned on a Christian radio station and began to learn about who God was — and what God was all about through the songs and the messages I heard on that station. It was then that I realized that music speaks to people in a way that words can’t. And being that I can’t sing…at all…the best bet I had for impacting lives was working in radio. After that, there was nothing else I’ve ever wanted to do.

Now for almost two decades, I’ve been in radio (both on-air and behind the scenes) doing my part to make Jesus known across the airwaves. I am so excited…like giddy excited…to be a part of HIS Radio. 

I was a barista at a coffee shop were I created a drink. The double tall sugar free vanilla non fat, extra hot, with whip, upside down, caramel macciato.
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