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JOY Filled Foods, formerly known as Farrell Farms, is a company that produces artisan snack products and seeks to help charities that support children. 

Food for the moment. 

Whether it’s our roasting process, the hand-selected spices, or our secret glaze recipes, we believe in making the finest foods. And whether you’re enjoying our products with family, your favorite beverage, or that special event with friends, we work to deliver you food you’ll enjoy! 

Quality you can taste.

From the soil to our kitchen, every ingredient matters to us. We work hard to deliver the best nut and snack products you’ve tasted!

Supporting Charities.

JOY Filled Foods donates 10% of its profits to charities that support children.

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We offer a full range of traditional North Carolina snack products made by hand. We use locally sourced raw materials when possible. Our products include maple glazed pecans, honey glazed pecans, honey scrunch (cashews, pecans, almonds and sunflower seeds), dark chocolate pecan clusters, dark chocolate peanut clusters, dark chocolate cashew clusters, milk chocolate pecan clusters, milk chocolate peanut clusters, milk chocolate cashew clusters, sweet and spicy pecans, Flapdoodle (caramel popcorn with nuts), sea salt and peppercorn cashews, pecan brittle, peanut brittle, cashew brittle, Tex-Mex Mix, Munchin Mix, cheddar cheese straws, chocolate rocks, dark chocolate almonds, dark chocolate pecans, dark chocolate peanuts, dark chocolate cashews, milk chocolate almonds, milk chocolate pecans, milk chocolate peanuts, milk chocolate cashews and other nut snacks.

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