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At Methodist Home for Children, we provide safe, stable homes where children can thrive and live to their full, God-given potential. While not always traditional, an MHC home is where child and family are equipped to succeed. We build on strengths, nurturing hopes and goals, and prepare all in our care to shape their own futures.

Contact Information:

Methodist Home for Children
1041 Washington Street
Raleigh, NC 27605
(919) 833-2834
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Today … here in North Carolina … eleven thousand kids are in the foster care system, and we don’t have enough homes to go around. That means for every one child we take in at Methodist Home for Children, we turn away 18 others. Let’s fix this. Will you help?  We need foster parents for older kids and sibling groups.Learn about foster parenting at our information sessions. Call 919-754-3647.  919-754-3647.  Or check our website - 

Every child deserves a chance.

We work with children who’ve been neglected, abused, and traumatized  •  We work with adults who lack basic coping and parenting skills •  We work with juvenile offenders who are unparented, failing in school, looking for acceptance in all the wrong places •  We work with teens who are struggling with mental illness and substance abuse •  We work with children who are diagnosed with severe emotional and developmental disorders •  We work with preschoolers who are at risk already for falling behind in life.

We work so that all in our care – children and families – have the hope and the skills they need to build healthy, self-sufficient, and productive lives.

Here’s how we do it:

 Nurturing Hope • Foster Care & Adoption

 Strengthening Homes • Family Preservation

 Priming to Learn • Early Childhood Education

 Breaking the Cycle • Juvenile Justice

 Building Abilities • Specialized Services


We believe that every child deserves a chance, regardless of the circumstances into which he or she was born. Sometimes children need new parents. Sometimes teens need to learn new behaviors. Sometimes adults need to learn coping and parenting techniques. Our goal is to create safe, stable homes where all can live to their full potential. Your support make this possible, and we are grateful.

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