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Homelessness doesn’t have a certain look. You may or may not notice the men, women and children who are struggling with homelessness. They may be sleeping in their car, or on a friend’s couch. Perhaps they’re living temporarily with their parents, or in a motel room. Maybe they’ve found emergency shelter.

In Raleigh and Wake County, homelessness is increasing 8% each year. With over 6,000 individuals seeking homeless services, 70% of those are considered homeless due to a recent situation in their lives.


The New Life Plan has six distinct Phases, each building upon the previous. It addresses the needs of our homeless clients by providing for basic needs such as food, clothing, hygiene and healthcare – and then moving through a series of programs that include counseling, parenting classes, vocational training, obtaining a car to make employment options wider, and then gaining employment and moving into their own apartment or home.

The New Life Plan also provides for the needs of the children in our care. You can read more about our Children's New Life Plan.


Read and watch the stories of those who are in transformation or have experienced a change in their life.  


Raleigh Rescue Mission is a place with a long-term purpose and steadfast strategy to break the cycle of poverty and homelessness. We are here for those who need a second chance and are willing to do the work it takes to rebuild their lives.

Are You Experiencing Homelessness? We're accepting new clients and can help. Learn More.  


Raleigh Rescue Mission Store and Donation Center is a non-profit Christian ministry that provides customers and donors with a rewarding experience by recycling gently used items and helping to support the homeless of Wake County, NC. We create jobs for the community and offer opportunities for volunteers to become involved in our ministry.

Raleigh Rescue Mission Store and Donation Center appreciates and relies on the generosity of our donors. We accept new and gently used items at our donation center loading dock directly behind our store at 4700 Capital Blvd. (SE Corner of Capital and Millbrook Rd.), Raleigh, NC  27604.  More Info.



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