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As a membership organization of Christians, Thrivent Financial has been helping members blend faith, finances and generosity for more than 100 years. Today Thrivent offers more than 2.3 million members a broad range of products, services and guidance from financial representatives worldwide.

Our mission is to help Christians be wise with money and live generously. To do that, we promise to guide you along what we call the Wise With Money Journey. There are three things that can move you forward on this journey, and we’re here to show you how to navigate each one:

  1. Own your story.
  2. Practice wise financial habits.
  3. Give of yourself.

No matter where you are on this lifelong journey, we can guide you one step at a time so you can live a more content, confident and generous life.

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Your goals. Your values. Our guidance. Discover why millions of Christians count on Thrivent's financial expertise, products and services to help them on their Wise With Money Journey. We make it easy to get in touch with helpful professionals from each of our various businesses.

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Phone 888-834-7428 - Speak with a fully licensed financial representative for one-on-one financial guidance – right over the phone.



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