Erica In The Afternoon

University of Miami students spend spring break at a memory care facility!

They brought plenty of sunshine to a group of seasoned citizens in Colorado!

Teachers open Comfort Closet for kids in need!

No blushing. No awkwardness. No questions asked of kids in need. Just love in the form of shoes, soap, and clothes.

Monday Prayer

It's never just another Manic Monday in the Living Room!

Dutch police officers call for the sweetest backup!

Teddy bears offer kids in accidents INSTANT comfort!

Easy, Breezy Veggie Chili!

My family LOVES it!

Little girl who loves bagging groceries receives special gift!

A Food Lion. A cashier who NOTICED. A sweet act of love!

Make Lucky Charms Cookies for St. Pat's Day!

They're magically delicious!

MercyMe's Bart Millard & his wife Shannon on Focus on the FAM!

How they've learned to trust GOD through the messiness of LIFE!

More LOVE mail for Cheyenne!

The kids at Stone Station Baptist are sending card-shaped hugs to MUSC!

Prayer for when you feel BUSY!

Amen. And double hallelujah!