Erica In The Afternoon

Kindness sometimes looks like a refrigerator box!

Hats off to the Lowes team member who went the extra mile!

Home Depot makes a mailbox for an awesome kid!

Love mail comes in many forms.

It's never too late to tip your server!

God always makes things right. Sometimes humans so too.

Son of the year drives 12 hours to surprise Dad!

Love is bigger than Alzhemier's!

Meet the Sea Turtle Patrol - angels on watch!

These volunteers are up before sunrise to make a difference for the newest beach babies and their mamas.

Kind cashier at Callahan's rushes to help my sister!

When my sister got stung by a wasp, someone cared!

Prayer for anxiety and worry!

Thank You Jesus, for your love and hope!

Max Lucado reminds us JOY comes in the morning!

There is real help and there is real hope.

"Take the Trip."

One couple's quest to make every memory they can while they can!

Woman jumps in the pool and saves THREE lives!

Jennifer Potter was in the right place at the right time.