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'Chris Beat Cancer' Author Inspires Jim Mann's Healthy Diet

HIS Morning Crew's Jim Mann has been inspired by the book 'Chris Beat Cancer'. Author Chris Wark joined HIS Morning Crew to talk about his journey to health. He credits his healthy lifestyle to helping him successfully fight cancer. Plus, check out Chris' basic juice recipe!

Merry Christmas Crew You! 12 Days of Giveaways from HIS Morning Crew

HIS Morning Crew is celebrating the season with 12 days of giveaways! Each day you'll get a chance to win two of the same gift, one to keep and one to give. Share the story with us of who you would give your second gift to and why. There will also be one grand prize winner who gets all 12 days of gifts!

Try This: Reverse Advent Calendar for Celebrating the Christmas Season

Advent calendars are a neat tradition, but this one is a different spin on it. It’s a reverse advent calendar. By the time Christmas arrives you will have a big box of items to donate to a local shelter or food bank. Get your kids involved in giving back. Plus we've got a FREE PRINTABLE to help you out.

Christmas Party Game: Name Guessing Game [Free Printable!]

Need a great game for your family game night or company Christmas party? HIS Morning Crew is trying out Christmas party games for the upcoming Christmas party. This one is called the Christmas Name Game! It's easy, family-friendly and lots of fun! Plus, we even created a free printable so you can play!

Chocolate Pudding Pie Recipe: Dairy-Free, No Refined Sugar

Turns out HIS Morning Crew isn't alone in their love for eating pie in the morning! According to the American Pie Council 113 million Americans have eaten pie for breakfast. And we're especially excited to try this recipe for Chocolate Pudding Pie! It's gluten-free, dairy-free and contains no refined sugar!

Recipe: Pie Week Continues with Upside Down Apple Pie

It's Pie Week on HIS Morning Crew! And nothing is as American as apple pie. However, we're turning this crowd favorite upside down with an easy, crowd-pleasing recipe.

Paleo Pecan Pie?? Kicking Off Pie Week with a Special "Healthy" Recipe

Boy do Americans love pie! According to a recent survey, pumpkin is the national favorite for Thanksgiving, followed closely by pecan pie. HIS Morning Crew is kicking off Pie Week with a healthier version of America's second favorite Thanksgiving pie. Check out the recipe!

Remembering Green Bean Casserole Inventor with Low Carb Recipe

Dorcas Reilly is the American treasure credited with creating the green bean casserole, a dish popping up on many Thanksgiving dinner tables. She passed away at age 92 and HIS Morning Crew is celebrating her life by sharing favorite casserole recipes. Alison Storm made this yellow squash casserole for Rob and Jim Mann.

Easy Freezer Meal Recipe: Woman's Ministry Helps Busy Foster Parents

A local mom found a way to help foster parents in her community who are often stressed, busy and overwhelmed. She's making freezer meals for foster families in her church, and she's encouraging others to serve foster families, too. HIS Morning Crew is sharing an easy freezer meal recipe for busy nights!

My Heritage DNA Kit Giveaway: Brothers Meet for First Time in France

HIS Radio General Manager Allen Henderson met his brother Andre for the first time this week in France. The pair visited Normandy, where their father landed during World War II in 1944. The brothers discovered each other thanks to a My Heritage DNA kit. And now we have two chances for you to win the same DNA kit!