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Lizz's Ugly Bakery - Bouche De Noel

Since HISRadio is celebrating Christmas today, amid social distancing and Covid 19, Lizz thought she would tackle a Christmas favorite in Lizz’s Ugly Bakery this week! See her attempt at a Buche de Noel!! Get the recipe here!

Lizz's Ugly Bakery - Can Biscuit Donut

Lizz comes to the rescue! Here's something you can do with the kids to help with the hours of boredom with social distancing. These are SUPER simple and delicious!

Advice On Homeschooling During COVID 19 Crisis

You’ve been thrown into homeschooling your kids and you’re at a roadblock. Suddenly Covid19 made you the teacher and aren’t exactly up to date on how your children are learning. HIS Radio’s Rob and Lizz speak to Pickens County, SC coordinator of Communication to try to answer some of your questions.

Parks May Be Closed - Virtual Rides Are Open

Your favorite theme parks may be closed during Covid19, but, social distancing can't keep those rides closed virtually. Here's are some rides you can experience on your couch!

Jim Mann's Last Day On HIS Morning Crew

After 14 years of waking up at 2am, an hour commute, and not seeing his family in the evening Jim Mann says goodbye to HIS Morning Crew.

National Parks Temporarily Suspending Fees

As you continue your social distancing as we deal with Covid19 in the USA the Nation Parks are suspending fees. Families could find this an opportune time to get out in the open air to celebrate springs arrival. Here's a list of National Parks in Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina.

Lizz's Ugly Bakery - Sugar Cookies and Royal Icing

In this edition of Lizz's Ugly Bakery an activity to do with your kids. This will help with the boredom of social distancing and get your mind off Covid19. Some Easter cookies to celebrate spring!

The Care Community

In response to the Coronavirus (COVID19) we saw the need for a community where together we can find HELP and HOPE during the current crisis. A place for tips, and ideas for HELP and HOPE. If you know which store is not running low on certain items this is the place to share it with others. WITH GOD... WE ARE STRONGER!

Lizz's Ugly Bakery - Unicorn Cake

Lizz try's her hand at a Unicorn Cake. How did it turn out? You just have to see this to believe it! Oh, she included the recipe too!

Here's How Daylight Saving Time, Affects Your Health.

A recent study from the University of Colorado says that when clocks are moved up. the effect has a negative impact on one's health.