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Lizz's Ugly Bakery - Creme Brûlée

Creme Brûlée is another recipe I’ve never made before. I LOVE them, but I’ve never understood why they cost so much in restaurants. After making these little gems, I STILL don’t understand! Literally 5 ingredients. The Creme brûlée does take some time to make. There’s the letting the eggs come to room temperature, the actual cooking, the resting (not you, the dessert..haha) and the chilling. The fun part? The Bruleeing...is that a word?

How to Talk to Your Kids About Racism and Protests

It's been quite a year, hasn't it? With Covid Quarantine and now with protests, both peaceful and violent, we are stressed. So are our children. How do we talk to our children about what is going on in our world. These are very heavy subjects for us, much less our kids. Stephanie Baker from Life in Abundance counseling has some good starting points as we navigate this dialogue with our kids.

'Dr. Beach' Lists, the 10 Best Beaches, in America.

The rankings of America's 10 Best Beaches has revealed. North and South Carolina made the list!

5 Houseplants That Provide Stress Relief.

You already know stress is at an all time high. Here are five houseplants that can help you relax,

Safety Tips for When You Return to the Gym.

Here are a few safety tips to keep in mind as you look towards going back to the gym.

Lizz's Ugly Bakery - Graduation Sugar Cookies

This week in Lizz’s Ugly Bakery is graduation sugar cookies! I’m sure yours will look better than mine, but as long as the taste makes the graduates happy, that’s all that matter, right?? Hats, tassels, Graduation year and names personalize these cookies and make them extra special!

Instructions For Building Ikea Forts

IKEA has shared how-to guides for the perfect at home family activity: building blanket forts.

Lizz's Ugly Bakery - Piecaken

This week on Lizz’s Ugly Bakery, Lizz tries a Piecaken. What is it? Break down that word and it’s literally a pie and a cake...wait, it’s actually a pie IN a cake. Twice. Yep. It’s different, but is it good? And it’s Lizz so we already know it’s UGLY.

Crafty Mom Creates Hug Guard

Crafty Mom made a Hug guard so her kids and “Nana” could FINALLY get that hug they craved! Luckily for us, mom gave us directions how to make our own!

Lizz's Ugly Bakery - Charlotte Royale

Lizz’s Ugly bakery is a Charlotte royale! Don’t let all the steps intimidate you! Jump right in! You’ve got time during social distancing so make a Charlotte royale. It’s almost like a Swiss roll, but better because this one at ice cream! Step in to Lizz’s ugly bakery!