Church Bulletin



Has God done something amazing in or through your church and you want people to know?


Every day across North Carolina lives are changed because of what God is doing through the local church. That's something worth celebrating!

His Radio’s "CHURCH BULLETIN" is a new on-air feature we're excited about!  It'll share stories about how the local church is making an impact.

Each week in the Triangle, Fayetteville, and across Eastern NC we know amazing things happen through church ministry and outreach.    This feature is not a listing of events to come, but what God has already done through your ministry!  Maybe you've seen professions of faith and new life in Christ, or your youth group has an incredible story from a recent mission trip, or a new program to bless folks in the local rest home has gotten off to a great start.  Your stories will serve as an encouragement to others and give HIS Radio listeners the opportunity to celebrate what God is doing in your church.

What would you like to share?  No story too small!  You can email Tiffanie at  Or call our Raleigh office at 1-888-326-9787.

You can also submit your story using the form below.   We look forward to celebrating great news with you!


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